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How to Check Your Coolant

If you want your vehicle to run at optimum temperatures, you'll need to maintain engine coolant levels. Engine coolant is the liquid in your radiator that circulates to ensure those temperatures stay correct. Although the name might seem tricky, engine coolant actually accomplishes many important duties. It will cool down an overheating engine, and it will also keep a cold engine from freezing. You may also hear this fluid called "antifreeze." Coolant comes mostly in bright colors including green, red, and blue. It's a great idea to perform this check before the extremes of winter and summer weather. Having your car ready to adjust to changes in climate can help to avoid overheating or freezing, which can save you money in potential repair bills. If you notice the level is low, it's simple to add more and keep your car in great shape. To check your coolant, first locate the coolant reservoir. If you aren't sure where this is, look in your user manual. Make sure your engine isn't hot. On the side of the coolant container you will find a minimum and maximum level indication. If you need to fill your coolant, get a funnel and the appropriate coolant for your car, which will be listed in your manual. Fill it to the maximum line, replace the cap, and you are now done with this task.This is an easy task that can be done at home. Our video will show you the step by step process, and check out our other videos for more car maintenance tips.